Durability of Your New Windows

One of the most important objectives of our business is not only to recreate the style of the traditional window and doors, but to achieve quality and durability of the windows and doors for many years to come.

This may seem like bit of an overkill – window is window, the door is the door, right? But… is it really? By now I’m sure you have noticed the different variants of the ‘same style’ windows / doors – that never quite look the same…

To achieve the quality and durability, our windows (and doors) are internally glazed into solid timber profile, and hence more durable, weather withstanding over the time, unlike the exterior putty or beaded windows (exterior putty / beads do tend to weather badly over the years / fall off, leaving units exposed, which often requires costly repairs.

It’s an often-missed detail when going through number of quotes, considering cost, that can turn into costly mistake few years down the line.

To further assure the quality and durability of our products we only use top grade timber – we don’t use lower graded / cheaper timbers.

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