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Why Choose Timber Windows

timber sash windows
timber sash windows

Why choose timber windows over uPVC?. As tempting as it may be to replace old windows with uPVC ones – especially when household finances are squeezed, there are few points to take into consideration when making decision about windows.

Beside the most obvious point as timber being more sustainable and renewable material, it is also a natural thermal insulator due to its cellular structure and hence the best material to help your windows and doors minimise environmental effect of your property. Coupled with good quality double glazing will maximise the insulation against heat loss and result in reduction of energy consumption.

You can mimic the style of your windows in uPVC, but it’s not possible to replicate finer details (such as horns, curves, glazing bars etc). If you own a period property, carefully replicating original style of your windows will add value to your property – unlike uPVC that will devalue it.

Good quality timber windows will last 60 years + if looked after and maintained with splash of paint ever 8 – 10 years. Plastic windows can discolour and brittle as a result of exposure to external elements (ie. sun / rain) and can’t be easily repaired.

Whilst the timber windows will come at higher price to uPVC, due to the low maintenance and long life span can work out cheaper than uPVC window – not to mention added value to your property.

At Sash Window Doctor Ltd. we specialise in reproduction of traditional timber sash and casement windows and doors, made in top graded timber only - carefully replicating original style and detail. Not only caring for our prodcut itself, but quality finished installation, ensuring longevity of our windows and doors.


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