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The Importance of and the Difference between CERTASS and FENSA

In recent years, the number of building contractors has significantly grown, making the job of finding right company to do work on your house increasingly complex. Whilst looking at the obvious business capabilities, experience and the cost, homeowners are encouraged to opt for FENSA or CERTASS registered businesses when choosing a company to install new windows and doors.

So what is the importance of FENSA and CERTASS?

Both Certass and Fensa are government approved certification bodies that guarantee compliance with local building regulations, deposit cover protection as well as by law required insurance backed guarantee. All Certass and Fensa registered contractors are vetted to ensure they are qualified to carry out work in accordance with the current building regulations and provide Building Regulation Compliance Certificate for the work carried out, at no extra cost to customer.

What is the difference between FENSA and CERTASS?

There is no difference between the two, except that FENSA has been around little longer and hence is better known but provided your installer can provide you with the certificate from either CERTASS or FENSA on completion, you can be assured either certificate will have same validity.

What do I need certificate for?

Should you decide to sell your property somewhere down the line after replacing the windows and doors, it makes significant difference in value of your house to have the valid certificate for the installations. Saying that, it is important to understand that only full frame and window or door replacements can be certified. Neither Certass nor Fensa will certify repair works to windows and doors. Solicitors will not require certificates for repairs carried out on your windows and doors.

Last but not least, whilst the Certass and Fensa will guarantee the compliance with local building regulations, they will not necessarily guarantee the quality of finish that meet your expectations. This will highly depend on the contractor you choose to go with. Sash Window Doctor always advises potential customers to see the recent installations in the area (addresses and contacts provided on request).

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